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FAQ about Arsenovelo

Frequently Asked Questions

Atelier mobile ArsenoVelo concept

  • What is a mobile Proshop?

    It's a bike shop on wheels that gets to you. No need for you to move!

  • Who can use the ArsenoVelo services ?

    Any bike owner. Just go online to book or call us if you do not have Internet access.

  • Which mechanic will show up for the service?

    Only Jody Arsenault, owner and certified bike mechanic, repairs bicycles for Arsenovelo.

  • Where can I get my bike serviced?

    Anywhere! Just enter your address and zip code, and we will move where you are. We currently serve the south shore and the island of Montreal.


  • Do you have all kinds of parts to repair the bikes?

    We have all frequently used parts stocked in our mobile proshop. If we do not have them with us, we will order the right parts and we will return your bike once it is repaired to your satisfaction. You will not have to change locations.

  • Do you offer a warranty on your services?

    After each service or repair, we will ask you to try your bike and check it so that you are fully satisfied. If you have problems with the bike in the week following, we will be happy to verify our work.

  • Can you come spend a whole day for an event?

    We will be happy to offer our services for a day. In these cases, our services are offered on an hourly basis to simplify your life! Visit our "Services" section for more information.


  • Can I pay with my debit or credit card?

    Yes, we accept debit or credit cards, cash and internet transfers.

  • Is there a minimum amount for you to come to me?

    Our minimum charge is $65. On the other hand, if you are really in need and we are not far away, we could help you out. This depends on several circumstances.


  • Why the name ArsenoVelo?

    Jody Arsenault is the engineer and founder of the company. He always carries his "arsenal" of tools and is a cycling enthusiast. The ArsenoVelo name followed!

  • How long has ArsenoVelo been around?

    Although Jody has dreamed about it for a long time, it is not until January 2016 that the concept began to take shape more concretely in his mind. In June 2016, the proshop was established.

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