Bicycle servicing and repair

Wherever you are!

Several repair options are available to you.


Special packages are tailored to your needs. Whatever your situation, we will meet all your expectations about your bike.

Tune-up levels


Our services are grouped together to simplify your life. If you hesitate, do not worry, we will advise you according to your needs.

À la carte

All repair services are available individually. You can choose from the list of services "à la carte" to only get what you need.


  • General bike inspection
  • Inspection and pressure adjustment of tires
  • Chain lubrication
  • Inspection and adjustment of gears
  • Inspection and adjustment of brakes
  • Check and tightening of bolts
  • Inspection of wheel quick releases
  • Check and adjustment of the wheel tension (alignment)
  • Cleaning of the frame
  • Installation of new brake pads (if required)
  • Installation of a new chain (if required)
  • Installation of new cassettes (if required)
  • Installation of new cables and/or housings (if required)
  • Removal and cleaning of drivetrain
  • Application anti-seize on seat post
  • Removal and servicing of bottom bracket
  • Front hub servicing
  • Rear hub servicing
  • Servicing of the headset
  • Replacement of all cables and housings

Children (26 inch wheel and -)


Basic adjustment

  • (On the frame)

Standard tune-up

  • (Off frame)
  • (<2 câbles)

Complete Rebuild

  • (Off frame)

* The parts are not included unless specified otherwise
* Taxes are not included

Forfaits de réparation

Family package 1


  • 2 X Tune-ups "Children"
  • 2 X Tune-ups "Basic Adjustments"
  • 10% off a la carte services
  • * Parts not included
Family Package 2


  • 2 X Tune-ups "Children"
  • 2 X Tune-ups "Standard"
  • 10% off a la carte services
  • * Parts not included

$85 /hour

  • All types of services
  • All types of repair
  • * Parts not included
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15% off /service

  • Option of half a day up to multiple days
  • All types of services
  • All types of repair
  • * Parts not included
  • **Minimum requis de 7 entretiens
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What is a "corporate day"?

A convenient and easy way to promote a healthy lifestyle at your workplace!

  • We will come to you and serve your employees or colleagues for the period of time requested.
  • We will service your employees or colleagues bicycle(s) on site with litle to no interruption to their work schedule. No time wasted
  • No need for a workshop or a special room, services will be performed in the ArsenoVelo mobile Proshop, which leaves no trace behind it.
  • We offer competitive pricing, group packages and flexible payment methods.
  • Employees will be happy and grateful to you!
  • Option to add the bike maintenance course. ($)

Services A la carte

Complete bike build (from a box or a suitcase) $ 100
Packaging of a bike (in a box or a suitcase) $ 50
Bike maintenance course $ 175
Installation of training base $ 99
Flat tire change $ 15
Front hub servicing $ 20
Rear hub servicing $ 30
Wheel alignement $ 15
Wheel tension adjustment $ 25
Cassette replacement $ 15
"tubular" tire installation $ 40
Spoke replacement (includes adjusting the wheel tension) $ 25
Gears adjustement $ 20
Chain installation (includes the gears adjustment) $ 25
Cassette installation (includes the gears adjustment) $ 30
Brake adjustement (included oiling of the chain) $ 10
Brake pads installation (per set) $ 15
Perform brake disc bleed $ 30
New tire installation $ 15
Bar tape installation $ 15
Grips installation $ 8
Rack installation $ 20
Fenders installation $ 25
Computer installation $ 10

* The parts are not included unless specified otherwise
* Prices can changed depending on the type of bike.
***Taxes are not included

Let us help you

Going on a bike trip?

Arsenovelo can prepare your bike for the trip directly at your place

travel bag sac de transport
  • Arsenovelo can take apart your bike to put in cardboard box (provided with installation) or in a transport bag for only 50$
  • No need to leave your home, the mobile shop get to you and take care of everything.
  • If you want to buy a bag or a rigid box, we can order it for you.
Book your appointment!

You want your bike to be put in a cardboard box or you already have your bag

Contact us!

You want to buy a bag OR you have any questions about our services?